Eagle X 7000 – High Intensity Focused Ultrassound

INMETRO NCC 16.04443

ANVISA 80240939004

EAGLE X 7000 – Dermatological Treatments.

The only equipment with 2D High-intensity focused ultrasound technology, which releases the energy of the ultrasound in a localized way and can be applied in all types and colors of skin for facial, body and intimate treatment.

The HIFU System allows penetration into all skin layers such as epidermis, deep dermis and SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic system) that is fundamental for facial modeling.

In sagging skin ultrasound has the ability to produce an internal temperature that generates an energy that activates the production of protein stimulation improving collagen and elastin causing recoil and remodeling of connective tissue.

In the treatment for cellulite the ultrasound can cause a rupture of the fibroses and in the zones of localized fat causes the rupture of the adipocyte membrane creating a modification by the thermal state in the adipose tissue without damaging the adjacent tissues or surrounding organs.


  • In a single shot sweep 11 lines
  • Adjust or select the number of lines to be worked in a single shot
  • 2D Technology
  • Body and facial treatment
  • Single frequency of 4mhz


  • Sagging and skin rejuvenation
  • Body and facial contour
  • Reduces deeper wrinkles
  • Localized fat
  • Cellulite Reduction

The Eagle X 7000 also comes equipped with gynecological treatment tips.

EAGLE X 7000 – Gynecological Treatments.

Unique HIFU Microfocus Ultrasound Equipment with Intimlift Technology for intimate treatments that helps improve elasticity and lubrication of the vaginal wall by using ultrasonic waves as a power source in 0.1 seconds causing a thermal heater at a temperature of 60 to 75 degrees Celsius at layer of the vaginal wall stimulating the production of collagen without damaging the surrounding tissue or organs.


  • Gynecological Treatment
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Two Application Depths: 3.0mm and 4.5mm
  • 2D Technology
  • Single frequency of 4mhz
  • Ultrasonic wave shooting in 0.1 second.


  • Increased elasticity of the vaginal wall
  • Improvement in vaginal wall contraction
  • Increase in lubrication by eliminating dryness of the vagina
  • Cell regeneration improving vaginal sensitivity
  • Treatment of urinary incontinence and vaginal inflammation
  • Distance adjustment between points: 1mm to 10mm.
  • Adjustment in number of rows: 1 row to 11 rows.
  • The energy shots 2D are more regular and uniform on the skin causing a
  • much better result.
  • Cartridges with different depths: 1.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.5mm, 6.0mm, 8.0mm,
  • 10.0mm, 13.0mm, 15.0mm, 16.0mm and 18.0mm.
  • Total number of shots per cartridge: 10,000
  • Non-invasive treatment with accurate depth of energy and no side effects.
  • Treatment time short, fast and safe.
  • After completion of treatment the patient can return to his normal activities without restrictions to sun exposure.
Hifu Vaginal - Ponteira 3mm
Hifu Vaginal - Ponteira 4.5mm

Cartridges: 1.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.5mm, 6.0mm, 8.0mm, 10.0mm, 13.0mm, 15mm, 16.0mm and 18mm.

The different cartilles allow applications at different depths for each specific type of dermatological treatment.

Cartridges: 3.0mm and 4.5mm

The different cartilles allow applications at different depths for each specific type of Gynecological treatment.

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