About Us

About Us:

A Biosystems
Biosystems has been operating in the medical equipment market since 2002, always working with the latest technologies such as CO2 laser equipment, laser diode, intense pulsed light and the latest releases such as Shockwave (shockwave therapy), Excimer 308nm, Radio Frequency Fractionation and Microfocused High Intensity Ultrasound (HIFU). With this line of equipment we have been able to expand the service for more medical specialties such as: Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Aesthetic Medicine, Gynecology, Vascular Surgery, Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, Physiatry and Veterinary Medicine.

We are a certified company according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 ensuring that our products are approved and certified according to INMETRO and ANVISA guidelines.

We have a highly qualified technical team  committed to the service at your disposal to provide you with a good service.