Eagle X 308 – Excimer Laser – English

INMETRO NCC 16.04444

ANVISA 80240939002



It is an immunomodulatory laser that offers a highly focused therapeutic beam of 308 nm wavelength UVB light that treats autoimmune skin diseases like vitiligo and psoriasis.

The laser acts directly on the defense system preventing it from continuing to attack the melanocytes i.e. the cells that give color to the skin. Through the emission of UVB rays the Excimer EAGLE X308 can stimulate the production of these melanocytes, returning the natural coloration of the treated region gradually.

The immunodilator makes it possible to treat only the affected region without damaging the other healthy areas, reducing the risk of skin aging


  • Portable handpiece with max size of 26 cm2
  • Kit with 8 photomasks to work on injuries
  • 10.4-inch screen combined with smart controller
  • Maximum output power up to 6000m / cm2
  • No consumables


  • Treatment of Vitiligo
  • Eczema

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